by co-editors: Sameer Rajdev & Mihika Agarwal

2021 has been a hard year so far and we trust everyone knows that. 


With the pandemic spreading across the globe, people are dying and jobs are being lost, but things will be better soon. Well, we hope so. We have a vaccine that many people have had and thanks to scientists that created the vaccine, we are beginning to reopen schools. We are healing but we are still wounded. While thousands of people have a vaccine, billions don’t. It seems we have nothing to do but to watch and wait for the world to fall into chaos, but there is a way to manage our Weibel Newspaper. We have been working extremely hard on this issue and we hope that this can make you feel better in quarantine. 


The newspaper is a way to get your mind off some bad things that have been happening around the world. So thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoy our second issue of the Weibel Newspaper!


Let us tell you what this issue contains. If you like to find out events or what is happening in this school then go to the school section. The fantastic writers who are in charge of the school section are Ruhan and Kashvi. Shruti and Aarav wrote the World News section so you can find out the latest information about the world such as our new president and vice president. Om and Anandi are here to tell you about the sports and competitions that are happening even with Covid-19. Sameer and Prisa will give you some amazing facts. Go straight to the Learn sections for this exciting information. Learn about the latest tips, tricks and artistic techniques in the Art section, brought to you by Ira and Advika. Entertain is a section full of movies and fun books to read if you are ever bored at home. 


You can thank Caitlin and Simrah for curing your boredom epidemic. Rohil and Libelle with a sense of humor, matched by no other, prepared fun games plus riddles and jokes for you to enjoy. For haikus, poems, and wonderful stories, go to the Inspire page that is written by Mihika and Nikita. 


We want to see our readers be wonderful writers or artists that they have the potential to be, so please submit some of your work to student submissions. We will give your work the full attention it deserves. If you have a question about anything in the world of Weibel, please send your problem to us in the Weibel Wisdom. Remember this question will remain anonymous if you want it to be. If you are confused as to what kind of questions you can ask, take look at this section for ideas!

We have a new wildcat on the prowl going through this issue reading all the articles in it. So look for her and tell us how many places you found her. Remember, there will be only one lucky winner from all the students who give the correct answer.


We know life has been hard because of the pandemic and we hope that this newspaper cheered you up or distracted you from what is happening around the world. This shows that even through these rock hard times, we can still communicate and have fun. We hope you are not going through a rough time. The newspaper team wishes you their best in the time of Covid-19. Please stay safe! Have a good day!  

For any suggestions/ideas/feedback, please email us at weibelnewspaper@gmail.com.

Congratulations! to Leila Ayenew (4th grade) who for finding 10 wildcats in our last issue.*

This issue has a different wildcat for you to find...


Don't forget this one!

* winner is randomly selected from all those who answer correctly

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