by co-editors: Aarav Gulrajani & Nikita Jain

Are you missing attending school in person? Maybe you are missing your friends?  Don’t worry! We, your friends from Weibel are here to entertain you with the first issue of The Weibel Chronicles! 2020 has been an unusual year, but 2021 is a fresh start. That reminds us, Happy New Year!


 In this issue we start off with the school news. It talks about recent events or new announcements happening at school. Then we can jump into the world news. That talks about the recent world events. To check out cool things you can go to the learn section to find out all kinds of new information! Wondering what movie to watch or book to read? Go to the entertainment page to find reviews on books, movies, and more. To read some good poems or stories, go to the inspire page of the newspaper. To find beautiful drawings and paintings plus information on famous artists, go to the art section. Laugh with friends as you read the fun section of our article. You can find riddles, jokes, and crosswords in here. We also have more things like the “Wildcat Wisdom”. There you can tell us some of your problems or questions (anonymously if you want), and we can answer them in our next article. Meet the newspaper team in this issue too! If you want some of your work to be published into our next article, you can go to the “Publish your work?” button. Also try finding the hidden Wildcats like the picture on the right. We think we just saw one! There will be a form for you to tell us how many wildcats you think there are. If you find the correct number of wildcats, you can win a prize. Keep in mind that the wildcats can be anywhere in this issue, so make sure that you read all the articles.


Even with Covid-19, we can still find ways to bond as a school. One of those ways is with the newspapers!  And that is exactly what you are doing right now. We had a great time writing this and we hope you enjoy this even more than we do!  Now, how about you explore the newspaper? Stay safe! Happy reading!

For any suggestions/ideas/feedback, please email us at weibelnewspaper@gmail.com.

Meet our 4th & 5th grade reporters for the Weibel Newspaper of the year 2020-21

Do you have a problem you'd like help with? Do you need help in managing school or life itself? Do you have questions you need answered?

Worry no more! Help is here. 

To encourage you to read our entire newspaper, we have hidden our Wildcat logo through out its pages. Find all the wildcats and tell us how many you found by clicking on the button below. If you get it right, you may win a prize. 

Don't forget this one!

Publish your work

Stories, essays, poems, jokes, riddles or artwork...if you would like to see your work on Weibel's Newspaper, send it to us by February 21st, 2021.

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